8 Little Known Facts About Going Vegan

If you are thinking about switching to a vegan diet, you are not alone! Although the population of the United States is still only 0.05% vegan, more people are opting for meat and dairy substitutes or trying to eat those products in moderation. When considering this lifestyle, it could be helpful to take into account these 8 little known facts about the vegan lifestyle.

Vegan diets have been around since the beginning.

There is evidence of people choosing to abstain from animal products for several thousand years. Some of our earliest histories include plant-based diets, and several major religions, including Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, and Judaism, have vegetarian or vegan sentiments.

Many celebrities are vegan.

Many of the celebs you admire for their beauty, and youthful looks claim a vegan diet. It makes sense that if you want to be like them, you could take a hint from their food choices. Natalie Portman, who looks nowhere near her almost forty years, has been vegan since 2011.

Other vegan celebs include:

  • Ellen DeGeneres
  • Ariana Grande
  • Liam Hemsworth
  • And many others!
Actress Natalie Portman. Photo courtesy of Gordon Correll on Flickr.

A vegan diet aids sleep.

Plant-based foods are full of nutrients. This means balanced hormones and less gut trouble. All of that naturally means better quality rest. Also, your energy levels will soar, meaning you may become a morning person when once you weren’t just because you have energy in the mornings that you never had before!

Veganism can improve your tastebuds.

Vegans often report that after several months of a vegan diet, they notice their ability to taste improving. When you eliminate the sugar and fats so prevalent in animal products, you give your tastebuds a chance to replenish and become sensitive to the more subtle flavors you never noticed before.

Going vegan is not as expensive as you think!

While unhealthy foods may appear cheaper, it takes more of them to fill you up and sustain you than healthy food does, so the costs generally even out. Also, remember that a healthier lifestyle means fewer doctor bills!

A vegan diet does not mean bland food.

A vegan diet does not consist solely of broccoli and brown rice. Though it takes creativity and a little more effort, there are substitutes for almost every food you usually enjoy.

Substitutes are easy

You will quickly learn some of the staple substitutes for dairy products, and it can be easy to cook an entirely vegan dinner just substituting dairy with healthier alternatives. Making cornbread? Use applesauce instead of eggs in the cornbread, and voila! it’s vegan!

The results are worth it!

It does require discipline to make food choices that go against what is advertised and convenient. Still, the results of a healthier YOU, more humane animal treatment and environmental kindness make this lifestyle completely worth it.

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